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School Board

The Monash School School Board consist of three elected parent representatives, the School Principal, two elected teacher representatives, as well as one Education Directorate nominee.

The parent and teacher representatives on the Board are elected for a two-year term of office.  Any parent of a child attending the school or citizen of Monash's priority enrolment area may nominate and all parents are urged to vote.

Functions of the School Board:

  • To determine the educational policies to be implemented at the school (copies are available from the school)
  • To assess, from time to time, the needs of the school in relation to the provision of buildings and facilities, equipment, funds and teachers and other staff and make recommendations to the meeting of those needs
  • To determine the purposes for which funds made available for the school are to be expended
  • To make recommendations to the Education Directorate in respect of the use of the buildings, facilities and equipment of the school for purposes other than school purposes
  • To develop relationships between the school and the community and between the school and community organisations
  • To make recommendations to the Education Directorate on matters relating to the school and such other functions as the Directorate confers upon the Board.

All members of the Board are eager to hear your views and welcome discussions on any matter which comes within their jurisdiction.  Their main concern is the best educational opportunities for every child at Monash School.

The Monash School Board plays a strong leadership role within the school community.  The School Board meets twice a term to discuss and deliberate issues that are important to the school's strategic operation and supports the Principal in setting the strategic directions for the school.  The Board has a responsibility to consider broad curriculum policy as well as ensuring the school is implementing curriculum requirements. The Board approves the budget and reviews its progress through monthly financial statements.

The School Board has a number of members who are elected to ensure that the key groups in our community are represented in decision-making and to ensure that decisions made reflect the needs and vision of our community. The Monash School Board members for 2018 are:

  • Principal of Monash School
  • Appointed member from our local community -
  • 2 staff members  -  Sharon Swift and Luisa Dal Col
  • 3 parents   - Ed Cox, Jenny Woodward (Board Chair) and David Azevedo
  • Business Manager - Brenda Svatos
  • Assistant Returning Officer - Suzan Visentin

How can you contact us?

You can contact us via email at:

The School Board looks forward to working with our wonderful community to ensure that our school provides a fantastic educational experience for our children as well as a warm welcoming place for our families and community members.

Voluntary Contributions

Section 27 of the Education Act 2005 states that while the school board of a government school may ask parents of a child enrolled at the school to make a financial contribution to the school:

  • Each contribution is to be voluntary
  • A child at the school is not to be refused benefits or services because the child's parents/carers do not make a contribution
  • A child is not approached or harassed for contributions
  • Any records of contributions are confidential.

At Monash School all students who attend have the right and the opportunity to make curriculum choices irrespective of whether their parents choose to make a voluntary contribution.

It is government policy that all schools are to establish funds to provide financial support for students to participate in school activities and services.

Voluntary financial contributions from parents, carers and other citizens further benefit and support the wide range of educational programs and activities and the purchase of educational materials.

Voluntary contributions may be made in full, or by instalments, or in part.

To assist you further we have prepared a list of priorities for you to peruse and from this you can make an informed decision about the way you would like to see your contribution used.

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