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At Monash School we believe that learning a second or other language has a wide range of benefits for the student and the greater community.These include:

  • Creating cultural awareness and developing an understanding of own culture
  • Exploring the globalised world and Australia’s involvement with Asia
  • Improving an understanding of first language and developing an understanding of how language works
  • Improving multi-tasking and problem solving
  • Creating a sharper working brain and improving memory

The Japanese Program at Monash School is aligned with the Australian Curriculum, and links in with the mainstream Inquiry Based Learning. The program is designed for student outcomes to be in accordance with the Achievement Standards as specified in the Australian Curriculum. Our Japanese teacher works collaboratively with our teaching teams to link topics with mainstream units, thus deepening students’ understanding of the content being taught, while making connections with the greater world.

The teaching approach within the Japanese program sees the student develop through their time at Monash School in two general phases: junior (K-2) and senior (3-6). Students in the K-2 age group are exploring the immediate world around them and where they fit in. Language learning at this age relates directly to the student and their identity. At this age students learn Japanese through imagination and by using their bodies. Students engage in activities such as folk stories, shared reading, clapping, and actions while learning Japanese. Senior school students are of an age where they start exploring the wider world. Students begin to learn language to describe and understand environments other than their own in both spoken text, and written text including hiragana and katakana. They explore the notion of culture, what that means, and how that relates to them as individuals. During the senior years students work on individual and group work. Learning becomes increasingly student directed as they begin to negotiate the curriculum with the teacher. The Monash School values are embedded within learning in the Japanese classroom for both junior and senior school students.

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