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PBL and Values


What is Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL)

Monash School uses a positive behaviour framework to support the wellbeing of every student. This framework is an evidence based, positive, social, student focused approach to behaviour that involves the whole school community. It includes creating, teaching and rewarding expected and pro-social behaviours and involves everyone, everywhere, every time. PBL boosts student engagement in learning by increasing attendance and retention, and improving student behaviour in all settings across the school.

Expectations have been developed for all settings across our school. The PBL framework is underpinned by our school’s four core values, which we, as a school community created and uphold at all times. They guide our expectations of student behaviour and encompass all that we are. Our values are:

*           We are RESPECTFUL


*           We are SAFE

*           We are RESILIENT

A matrix was designed to give all staff, students and visitors the language to use when communicating with others in and around the school.

Monash School offers a whole school program that explicitly teaches our values alongside our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program. It is our vision that all students are involved in lessons that specifically teach and practice our expectations and our values are continually reinforced through daily check ins, activities, newsletters, Facebook and Seesaw.

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