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The Education Directorate Policies succinctly articulate the Directorate's position, provide a framework for action and ensure a consistent approach to our day to day activities and decision making. All Directorate policies can be viewed on the Education Directorate website.

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Student Management Policy

Policy Statement

Monash School aims to build quality relationships and to deliver a quality curriculum. The school believes that the creation of a positive, safe and caring environment involves working to meet the needs of students, staff and the community and developing the ability of students to take responsibility for their own behaviours.

Good student management is about developing skills in students to regulate their behaviour for appropriate outcomes.

Statement of Beliefs

At Monash School we believe:

  • all students have the right to learn without interference from inappropriate behaviour
  • all teachers have the right to teach without interference from inappropriate behaviour
  • all staff members have the right to work without interference from inappropriate behaviour
  • all parents need to be involved in the schooling of their children
  • there are consequences for inappropriate behaviours, not ‘punishment’
  • a whole school approach to student management is essential for consistent and successful outcomes.


Monash School expects, and will help all students to achieve their personal best and to take responsibility for their own total behaviour. Expected positive behaviour will be valued, modelled and acknowledged. It will be shared and made explicit to all. We aim to create an environment in which teachers can exercise their right to teach and children their right to learn, without interruption.

Student management is based on mutual respect and confidentiality, where all members have their rights and responsibilities recognised. It is expected that children will take responsibility for their own needs without interfering with the needs of others. We strongly believe in the positive and peaceful resolution of conflict and students will be supported and helped to develop the skills for personal conflict resolution.

Self-esteem will be fostered and developed so that students have the confidence to make their own choices to meet their needs and accept the consequences of those choices. The school will provide a safe and secure learning environment in which to make such choices.

Our curriculum is relevant to the needs of our students and oriented to individual success. It underpins effective management of student behaviour. We aim to ensure all children are engaged in their own learning and involved in school decision making processes through avenues such as the School Representative Council (SRC), SRC members attending executive meetings to share whole school successes and concerns and class meetings. Cooperative learning is an essential element of the Monash School curriculum.

School Grounds Supervision

Teachers provide supervision in the school grounds during lunch and at recess.  In the mornings, children remain on the basketball court area for our 'Morning Meet and Greet' assemblies. There is supervision of children available in the Library Resource Centre from 8.30 am to 8.55 am.

Children are not to play on equipment before school since appropriate supervision cannot be provided.

A number of staff are in classrooms each morning from 8.30 am to deal with any emergencies. Children should not enter the units before 8.55 am except by prior arrangement (such as band members, sporting teams, excursion groups).

You are encouraged not to send your child to school before 8.45 am for their own safety.   Arrival at 8.55 am is essential for a settled, informed start to the day. Students should assemble on the Basketball Court (near the Bural Unit) when the bell rings at 8.55 am for  morning Meet and Greet.

If children miss their bus, parents are late, or if children have problems immediately after school, they should go to the front office so that they may receive assistance.

SunSmart Policy

It is the responsibility of the Monash School community to protect students to the greatest extent practicable from the dangers of exposure to the sun.

  • Students are required to wear appropriate sun protective clothing whenever they are outdoors.
  • School uniform includes: hats that protect the face, neck and ears that have an 8-10cm wide brim or legionnaire style. Shirts with collars, elbow length sleeves and longer skirts or shorts.
  • A rule of 'no  approved hat, no play' applies.
  • Staff members are expected to model Sun Smart behaviours.
  • Parents and other community members attending / assisting outdoor activities are encouraged to model Sun Smart behaviour.
  • In accordance with the ACT Cancer Society policy, a bucket or broad brimmed navy hat is compulsory from 1 August through to 31 May. Students are not required to wear hats during June and July.
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