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Transition to Primary School

Transition into Primary School

Your child is a member of the Monash School community.  By enrolling your child into Monash Preschool your child will automatically move on to Kindergarten in our school.  As with all transitions the staff will ensure that the move from preschool to Kindergarten is successful.  To do this we have implemented a transition program for our preschool children.  This involves:

  • Preschool buddy program with Year 4 children from Monash commencing Term 3
  • School tour for families – Term 4
  • Ongoing familiarisation opportunities for children throughout the year
  • Kindergarten visits for pre-schoolers – Term 4
  • Move Up Day with kindergarten teacher - late Term 4
  • Primary school staff release preschool staff on a regular basis throughout the year. This gives the pre-schoolers the opportunity to form relationships with other staff from the school.
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