Monash Primary School

An ACT Public School

Touch the earth, reach the sky, challenge the future

Our Staff

Staff Member


Matthew Holdway


Todd McCoy

Deputy Principal

Kellie Keeffe

Executive Teacher (Years 5-6)

Karlie Russell

Executive Teacher (Years 3-4)

Todd McCoy

Executive Teacher (Years 1-2)

Sarah Reece

Executive Teacher (P-K)

Jennifer Byram

Executive Teacher (Inclusion)

Michelle Lorkovic

Business Manager

Suzan Visentin

Front Office Admin/Enrolments

Jodie Shipway

Front Office Admin

Roger Charnock

Building Services Officer

Matt Swarbrick

Building Services Officer

Karen Marton

School Psychologist

Jane Espeland

Speech Pathologist


Teaching Staff


Ronnie Pearce (Joeys)

Shay Rutherford (Possums/Echidnas)

Caitlin Stuart (Bilbies)


KJ  Annabelle Jaiyawong

KP  Beth Page

KS  Sharon Swift

Year 1/2

1B     Luisa Bornholm

1M     Alison McCudden

1W    Jenine Whennan

2C     Merin Cruikshank

2F      Laura Fitzgerald

2M     Natasha Monger

2P     Brooke Penna

Year 3/4  

3/4A  Brittany Ashman

3/4B  Sam Bartholomeusz

3/4C  Jo Comber

3/4H  Liz Harding

3/4LT Alice Lowes / Kat Tirzins

Year 5/6

5/6DC  Dannielle Carney

5/6KC  Kathleen Coxon

5/6J     Casey Johnson

5/6M    Madison Miller

5/6T     Alex Thompson

Science & Technology


Leia Grunwald

Science & Technology


Tracey Hanson

Japanese Specialist

Frances Kleine

PE Specialist

Peter Mitchell

Visual Arts Specialist

Briony Warren

Intervention / Inclusion 

Todd Henry

Shannon Homes

Sharon Rogers

Pastoral Care

Renata Russell-Jones

Library Admin

Tonia Pearson

Learning Support Assistants

Michelle Cartwright

Clare Swanston

Emma Stuart

Erin Kelly

Sophie New

Maddison Hardy

Susan Harris

Rachel Sedaitis

Virginia Martin

Fiona Sedlacek

Jordy Heddle

Jemma Seddon

Hayden Schliebs

Sophie Apps

Fran Crowe

Violeta Ganas

Jane Suitor

Tobias Marriott

Daniel Moore

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