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School Psychologist

School Psychologist

A school psychologist works three days per week at Monash School. School psychologists are experienced practitioners with skills and knowledge in psychology, assessment, counselling and guidance. They work jointly with teachers, administrators, parents and professionals in the wider community to promote the optimum development of every student.

The psychologist is involved in the following:

  • Individual Counselling – assisting students on a one-to-one basis in educational, behavioural, emotional and/or social problem solving
  • Parent Consultation – making direct contact with parents regarding the specific needs of the child
  • Individual testing – providing assessment of students on a one-to-one basis
  • Student Engagement Program – identifying and assisting with the placement of students with special needs
  • Group Counselling – assisting students in educational, behavioural, emotional and/or social problem solving in a small group setting
  • Staff Consultation – consulting with staff members regarding student educational, behavioural, special and/or emotional progress
  • Consultation with other agencies – with parental agreement, referring students to other agencies and coordinating delivery of services.


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