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Monash Primary School

Monash Primary School (P-6) aims to provide all students with learning experiences which enables them to develop

  • intellectually
  • physically
  • socially
  • emotionally

This is achieved through the development and maintenance of a positive, open, trusting and mutually supportive relationship between the school and the community.

The school offers dynamic education programs, curriculum and approaches to learning and teaching so that they may assist at school and at home.

Monash encourages ongoing parent participation in the life of the school and supports its staff so they may continue to grow professionally.

Monash staff consult closely with local high schools and cluster primary schools.

Inquiry Learning

In 2015 Monash introduced inquiry learning and Units of Inquiry across the school as a core component of the curriculum. The Inquiry based approach allows us to carefully meet the learning needs of students, while also meeting the requirements set by the Australian Curriculum.

Units of Inquiry concentrate on significant content that recognises the students' cultural perspectives, their prior knowledge and identities and support student understanding, skills and knowledge in a range of Key Learning Areas (KLAs) including Science, History, Geography, Technology, The Arts, Language and Health and Physical Education and align with the Australian Curriculum.

Teaching teams work collaboratively to develop  units of inquiry to provide our students with learning and understanding that is significant, relevant, engaging and challenging and reflects the importance of current world issues such as climate change, the world economy, conflict and Indigenous issues, as well as covering our rich Australian history, our scientific, artistic and sporting endeavours and achievements.

Each inquiry at Monash Primary strives to develop student capacities to:

  • manage themselves as people and as learners;
  • understand the world in which they live; and
  • participate effectively in the world.

The Units of Inquiry aim to help students gain an understanding of local and global issues which provide the opportunity for our students to raise questions about a topic or subject area and explore the answers. Within Inquiry learning students are both problem posers and problem solvers working collaboratively with their teacher in the learning process.

Every 6 to 8 weeks each year level unit will begin a new Unit of Inquiry that will focus on a core concept with key questions to explore.  As a part of the Inquiry process students participate in a range of 'tuning in and finding out' activities including attending excursions, listening to guest speakers, watching videos, reading information, looking at photos and other relevant resources.

A core part of all Units of Inquiry is family and community involvement. Working in partnership with parent/carers, we aim to develop our students as inquiring, knowledgeable, caring and respectful young people, able to meet the challenges of the 21st century and contribute positively to the community.

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