PBL and Values


What is Positive Behaviour for Learning?

Monash Primary School staff and students are excited to be using a behaviour framework for our school to support the wellbeing of every student. We started our journey in 2019 and continue to work with students to embed our values across the school.
This framework is an evidence based, positive, social, student focussed approach to behaviour that involves the whole school community. It includes creating, teaching and rewarding expected and pro-social behaviours and involves everyone, everywhere, all the time. PBL boosts student engagement in learning by increasing attendance and retention and improving student behaviour in all settings across the school.
The PBL framework is underpinned by our four core values, which we, as a school community, uphold at all times. They guide our expectations of student behaviour and encompass all that we are.


Our PBL Matrix was designed to give all staff the language to use when talking with students in and around the school. Please see the All Settings section of the matrix below.


How will PBL work at Monash?

2021 saw us move into Classroom Systems as we continue into the next phase of PBL implementation across the school. Staff have received professional learning and time to implement the PBL framework in their classrooms. We continue to implement a whole school program that explicitly teaches these values alongside our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) program. It is our vision that all students will be involved in lessons that specifically teach and practice our expectations and values. Lessons are supported with visuals throughout the school (posters in each area) to remind children of our values and expectations.

We are excited to formally launch PBL at Monash later in the year. This will be an opportunity to celebrate our PBL journey so far with our whole school community. We will communicate more about this event when we have finalised dates.

Free & Frequent Reward System (Values Tickets)

Your children may have been telling you about the values tickets they have been receiving in class and on the playground. This reward system is designed to acknowledge students when displaying the correct behaviours. They are given out regularly to reward or promote positive behaviours. Students are working as a class to reach a ‘ticket target’ which will result in a whole class reward. Values tickets are also handed in to the front office, where students have a chance to win a barrel draw prize at the end of each week.


Celebrating the winning Sports House

Coloured tokens are collected and counted each week to see which house is leading the token challenge. Students who belong to the sports house that has the most tokens in Week 5 and 10, each term, will be able to wear their house colours on Friday of that week.

Tiered Acknowledgement System


This year we will be introducing another layer of rewards for students. Teachers will be awarding merit certificates to students who are displaying the appropriate positive behaviours. Using the chart below, students can work their way up the tiered levels throughout their time at Monash School. These certificates are held in high regard as the students receiving these are consistently demonstrating outstanding behaviour aligned with our school values.

Merit Certificates will be awarded to students by their classroom teacher. Parents will be notified about this via Seesaw.
Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates will be awarded by Mr Holdway in the Week 5 and Week 10.

Meet our new student

Students and staff warmly welcomed our newest student to Monash last year. We know that this koala has come from the coast, in search of a new place to live and of course we believe that there is no better place to be than Monash Primary School. A naming competition was run and students came up with many fantastic names.  Koala went through all the suggestions and has chosen the name "Gula".