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Mission and School Improvement Agenda

Monash School Mission

We deliver authentic, high quality learning that equips all students with the social, emotional and academic skills and knowledge to embrace opportunities and face current and future challenges.

The Monash School Mission is also aligned to the mission of the ACT Education Directorate to “develop and deliver educational services to empower each child and young person in the ACT to learn for life.”

School Improvement Plan

In our 2020-2024 School Improvement Plan, we have two main priorities.

Priority 1: Increase student achievement across curriculum areas through the provision of engaging, quality teaching and learning

All students will:

  • Become lifelong learners who love to learn, are willing to take risks and are motivated to achieve their personal best in all areas of the curriculum.
  • Be provided with a sequenced learning program which effectively covers the achievement standards through high-quality, authentic and engaging teaching which makes purposeful connections between areas of curriculum.
  • Receive quality universal support and instruction. Those students who require additional support/enrichment will be provided with an intensive and individualised interventions to target their specific learning needs.
  • Have quality teachers who are part of a strong professional learning community which has high expectations for student learning.

Priority 2: Continue to enhance student wellbeing

All students will:

  • Be provided with a safe and inclusive learning environment.
  • Develop social capabilities aligned with the school values that help them succeed socially and emotionally.
  • Understand the impact of their wellbeing on learning and ensure that they make their health a priority.
  • Celebrate their own individual successes and those of others.
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