Monash Preschool Statement of Philosophy

Framed by the Early Years Learning Framework, Inquiry Approach and Monash Primary School Values we believe:

Children are capable, curious explorers, every day at Monash Preschool you will see:

  • children engaged in conversation and discussion
  • children making decisions
  • children inquiring together
  • children playing indoors and outdoors
  • children wondering, questioning and taking risks
  • children interacting with each other and their educators
  • children exploring and learning in responsive, vibrant, challenging learning environments thoughtfully designed and resourced with invitations to promote dispositions for learning such as curiosity, persistence, cooperation, imagination and confidence
  • educators honouring children’s voice.

Learning is play based, intentional and collaborative, every day at Monash Preschool you will see:

  • children actively constructing their own understandings
  • long uninterrupted periods of learning
  • educators interacting with children, researching, inquiring and co constructing learning
  • learning environments resourced with open ended, high quality materials that invite and provoke curiosity, awe and possibility
  • learning environments that foster risk, challenge, wonder, awe, creativity and imagination
  • learning created together.

Educators are reflective, intentional curriculum decision makers, every day at Monash Preschool you will see:

  • educators collaborating, supporting and challenging each other
  • educators reflecting on practice
  • educators listening, questioning and responding to children
  • educators observing, recording and documenting children’s learning
  • the vision, principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework in action.

Families are partners in learning, every day at Monash Preschool you will see:

  • a welcoming and inclusive non judgemental environment
  • valuing of expertise and knowledge and many ways of belonging, being and becoming
  • educators spending time with families
  • good, clear, respectful and reciprocal communication.

Monash is a connected, respectful community school, every day at Monash Preschool you will see:

  • mutual respect between home and preschool
  • local children walking and riding to preschool with siblings, parents and carers
  • families helping each other
  • proactive community engagement and a dynamic Community Hub
  • preschool and school working together
  • appreciation of the beautiful landscape and Indigenous heritage of Monash.