What is the P&C?

The Monash School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) is open to parents or guardians of pupils attending Monash School and all citizens residing within the school area.

The objectives of the P&C include:

  • To promote the interest of Monash School
  • To assist, advise and cooperate with the School Board
  • To encourage close cooperation of teaching staff, parents and pupils
  • To assist in providing educational, recreational and sporting equipment
  • To raise money
  • To stimulate interest in education and to promote community interest involving the school or its children.

What does the P&C do?

  • Provides funding each year for books and equipment for our children to use at the school as well as financing selected major projects.
  • Runs various educational, social and fundraising functions for parents and children, e.g. general parent meetings, parent/teacher nights, games and barbecues, dances, special speakers and art shows.
  • Provides opportunities for parents to meet and work with teachers for the benefit of our children.

Where does the P&C meet?

The P&C must hold a general meeting at least twice a year.  The Monash School P&C meets twice a term - dates and time advertised in the school newsletter.  At these meetings, there may be a guest speaker on a subject of educational interest and there is a report from the Principal on developments at the school.

To contact the P & C please send an email to: monashpandc@gmail.com

P and C Disco Policy